Saturday, April 26, 2008

Raider's Back To The Future

By Rick Richardson

Was there ever any doubt about the Raiders first pick? Even Lane Kiffin offered up a confession that his previous disinterest in Mcfadden was merely a smoke screen. After a few years of deviating from the norm, Al Davis was showing clear signs of a return to his roots. Most of his recent moves are vintage Raider maneuvers. Grabbing failed first round picks from the NFL scrap heap, and trading for disgruntled pro bowlers for bargain deals. Allen “Al” Davis is heading back to the future, and I have a feeling that it is going to work.

Chris Long would have been an excellent nostalgia pick, but Darren Mcfadden carries a certain Marcus Allen mystique as well. Marcus was an ex high school quarterback, while Mcfadden tossed seven touchdowns last year. Marcus was not known for blasting through his opponents, but never gave you a good angle to smack him. Mcfadden can’t compare when it comes to Marcus Allen’s gliding, shifty moves, but he makes up for with it with pure explosive acceleration. Allen changed the Raiders his first year, and so will Mcfadden.

Love the pick or hate it, you have to admit it is going to make Sundays in the fall fun. I would have loved a trade down for extra picks, but there is no denying the Raiders offense just gained a weapon. A freakishly fast weapon, who gained 4589 yards and 41 touchdowns in three seasons, playing in a conference known for tough, fast defenses.

Now here is hoping “Slick”, can finagle his way into round three with Lamont Jordan and a pick. Highly unlikely, but I don’t see Al sitting on his hands until round four. In the later rounds, the Raiders need to continue the retro theme and grab a Cliff Branch, Grady Jackson or how about a Rod Martin. Next year let’s hope the Raiders are picking no earlier than the late twenties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you MO, I love the pick.

Mother Raider

April 27, 2008 at 7:09 PM  

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