Friday, April 25, 2008

Chief Concern for Raiders

By Rick Richardson

The Jared Allen trade could change the Raiders plans should Chris Long fall to four. There is nothing more unsettling than some of the Raider bloodlines landing in Kansas City wearing the hated red and yellow. Al Davis would buy a burial plot so he could prematurely turn over in his grave.

With Kansas City trading away Jared Allen, they are poised to land Long, should he fall to number five. Loaded with draft picks, I don’t see them dropping down and accumulating any more. On a side note to Allen, “don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you”. With this trade, the Chiefs got weaker…period.

The problem with having the number four followed by a hated rival is the future scenarios that spring up. Images of Vernon Gholston sack dancing in your head….ughhh. Gholston turning out to be the equivalent of Derrick Thomas is enough to make you sick. The aforementioned Chris Long putting on the customary Chief draft cap, or maybe in a twist of irony the black chief hat that is as wannabe as you could ask for. Is there any way the Chiefs brain trust could pull some old tricks out of their bonnet and draft another Ryan Sims as they did in 2002 with the sixth pick overall? How about another Sylvester Morris pick up, the ultimate wide receiver bust in 2000 with the 21st pick overall? I hope that with all of those picks the Chiefs get creative and draft a project like quarterback Joe Flacco outsmarting everyone, including themselves.

I still believe when the dust settles tomorrow that Chris Long will be gone to the Falcons or Rams if they don’t push the trade button, and Darren Mcfadden will be a Raider. I also believe that the Raiders will unload Fabian Washington for a pick. Hopefully we won’t see any of the rumored Michael Huff give away as has been rumored. I think he and Gibril Wilson are going to make an impressive safety tandem.

I have avoided mocks because frankly, there seem to be a few to choose from, and they almost all do a better job than I could, but here is my attempt at being Nostradamus.

1. Dolphins - T Jake Long
2. Saints via trade - DT Glenn Dorsey
3. Falcons -QB Matt Ryan
4. Raiders - RB Darren Mcfadden…please trade down!
5. Chiefs - DE/Lb Vernon Gholston or Chris Long to jack with the Raider nation.

Ah, the pre-draft paranoia. Drink it in, read a few dozen draft publications, and enjoy the rebuilding of the Raiders!


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