Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just Win Two Baby

By Rick Richardson

The emotions ran high last week during and after the Raider's victory over the Broncos. How sweet it is to grab a win in a tough house against a hated rival. Tom Cable was doing his best air karate on the sideline that just begs for the lyrics “everyone was kung fu fighting”. I expect it to show up very soon on YouTube. It was a great day, for the Raider nation’s citizens and for a team with some great guys who have paid their dues, wasting away as their efforts year in and year out go unnoticed and seemingly in vain. For every Jerry Porter or Randy Moss tiptoeing through the season, there have been a Justin Fargas or Nnamdi Asomugha throwing everything they have into the fray. There were reports of many players becoming emotional in the locker room afterwards including the aforementioned Tom “fist of fury” Cable. Every body loves a win, and this was a win everyone could love. Watching Cable be so excited for his players, made me wish for his success even more. The jury is definitely still out whether the shotgun wedding between the Raiders and Tom will work out, but I am hoping for bliss. He showed me enough to hold out hope for some sense of stability by seasons end. Everyone knows that hope can be dashed this Sunday while hosting Kansas City.

A loss to the lowly Chiefs would be disastrous. A win against the arch rivals is always tough, so it is especially important to win when victory is expected. As always when these two meet, nothing is guaranteed. Improving on Tom Cable’s slogan of "each week be 1-0", the Raiders need to shoot for "this week be 2-0". The Raiders desperately need to have a winning streak. In these calamitous days of Raider ineptitude, the Raiders could use two consecutive weeks of what it feels like to win. Maybe they could even begin bringing back that ever elusive winning culture just for old times sake, and pack it with them to camp next season.

Tom Cable "Fist of Fury"


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